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4 Caravan Awning Spares You Should Carry With You

If you have recently invested in a caravan awning, you may not have given much thought to buying spare parts. However, having spare parts handy when you are using your caravan can be incredibly useful. After all, if you are caravanning in a remote location, it is unlikely you will be able to purchase replacement parts during your trip. Below is a guide to useful spare parts you should have at hand when using a caravan awning.

Ground Sheet

While groundsheets are designed to be hardy, they will not last forever. With use, ground sheets can become torn or damaged. If the groundsheet for your caravan awning becomes damaged while you are away in the wilderness, this may prevent you from using the equipment. Thankfully, you can purchase a spare groundsheet which will not take up very much room in your caravan. If the original ground sheet becomes damaged or dirty, you can simply replace it using the backup.

Pole Parts

Once you have owned a caravan awning for a little while, you will come to understand how poles can easily be bent out of shape. Even if you do your best to look after the poles, it only takes a child swinging on the awning or heavy winds, and you may soon find yourself with a misshapen pole. Damaged poles can compromise the shape of the awning which can place a strain on other components and lead to further damage. Carrying spare pole parts means you can quickly replace any damaged poles or connecting clips.

Pole Tensioner

A pole tensioner is a very handy bit of kit. By attaching this device to a pole, you can tighten it with ease. If you the poles on your awning are not under enough tension, you may find that the canvas begins to sag. When this occurs, water can begin to collect on the top of the awning and leak onto anyone say below. Unfortunately, it is very easy to misplace a pole tensioner, so it is best to buy a backup.


If you have ever been camping, you will understand how easy it is to misplace pegs. While most caravan awnings come with spare pegs included, you won't have to lose very many before you find yourself short. If you do not properly secure the awning to the ground, it may blow away. Spare pegs do not cost a lot of money, and they are super useful.

If you would like further advice on what caravan awning spares you should carry with you, contact a recreational retailer.