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The Advantages Of A Synthetic Court

When playing tennis, there are a number of potential options in regards to the surface of the court being played on. There are four types available to play on; grass, hard surface, clay, and carpet.  Each surface encourages different styles of play: grass and carpet encouraging faster play, while hard surface and clay provide a slower alternative. Carpet court is the most uncommon of the four.  Synthetic grass tennis courts offer a number of advantages over the other three courts, and interested buyers should consider the following.

Installation and maintenance

In comparison to other courts, synthetic courts offer the best option with regards to maintenance. A well installed synthetic court will drain water effectively and will take a long time for it to lose its natural colour. Grass courts require constant maintenance, such as replanting the grass, watering the grass and mowing the grass. Synthetic courts provide a low maintenance alternative; with minimal work required such as checking for water puddles and making sure the synthetic fibres stand upright. Clay courts like grass also require consistent maintenance, as the clay must be constantly watered and subsequently evened out.

Installing a synthetic court is a much easier process over the other three courts and can be installed quickly and in a versatile manner. Synthetic courts can be installed over existing courts, have the potential to be installed temporarily and offer a variety of different sizes, accommodating for both young and older players alike. Synthetic tennis courts are also advantageous when installing under difficult circumstances, particularly when on a roof or elevated platform, where the weight requirement of the roof would need to be taken into account.

Playing on synthetic courts

Synthetic courts also provide a more comfortable experience compared with other courts. While adding to the price point, synthetic courts can be lined with padding underneath the court, to provide a cushioning effect for the user.  This can reduce the risk of injury and reduce soreness after an intense training session.

Another consideration for synthetic courts is the style of play. Carpet tournaments are no longer held professionally, but synthetic based tournaments allow for fast play very similar to grass play. For those looking for installing a grass court, consider a synthetic court as a perfectly viable alternative which comes at a much more affordable price and with much easier installation and maintenance.

Discus your options with a local professional to get what works best for you.